Confectionery and Bakery


Confectionery and Bakery


Asser Oakes has long been a leader in the supply of confectionery and bakery equipment. In 2000, Bollin Dale Engineering acquired the Asser Oakes brand. Since then our designers and process engineers have applied Asser Oakes experience and expertise to produce our own range of confectionery and bakery equipment. 

Our products now comprise a combination of modern process techniques with the proven technology of the Asser Oakes product range. 

Customers with existing Asser Oakes equipment can confidently obtain spares and change parts from Bollin Dale that have been manufactured to the original equipment specification.

As an experienced equipment manufacturer in the confectionery and bakery industry, we specialise in pre-bake and post-bake operations such as: 

  • Mixing and aeration (batters, mallows and creams) 
  • Depositing (volumetric, and spot depositing of batters, creams and jams etc.) 
  • Pie making 
Within our portfolio we provide a wide range of equipment but specialise in continuous aeration equipment (Oakes type) and various types of depositors from small batch manufacture up to continuous line food production. We also supply pie machines and change parts based on the Asser Oakes range. We can also provide change parts for other makes of pie machines. 

The Comprehensive Oakes range of ancillary machines can be either installed individually into existing lines or as an integrated system for the processing of a wide variety of products. 

The equipment has been specifically designed to handle such diverse products as marshmallows, jam (both thermal and acid setting), cream, butter cream, mousse, yoghurt and batters for sponge, jam, genoa, etc. 

Bollin Dale Engineering is especially experienced in the following areas:

  • Continuous Aeration Systems
  • Depositors
  • Pacing and Indexing Systems
  • Sweet and Savoury Pie Plants
  • Ancillary Equipment