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Ancillary Equipment | Bollin Dale Engineering | Cheshire UK

Ancillary Equipment


Ancillary Equipment


We can provide a range of Ancillary Equipment to complement our aeration, depositing and index/pacing system.

All our equipment can be customised to client’s individual requirements through our in-house design facility.

Other features include: 
  • Totally constructed from stainless steel. 
  • Variable size drive motors to suit customer requirements. 

Jam Supply System

This system consists of a Hold Tank into which jam in transferred either manually or automatically.

The Jam is then transferred by a variable speed proportioning pump to a depositor or blending unit.

For jaffa jam, variable stroke proportioning pumps are used to inject acid into the continuous jam stream, and either static mixers or a continuous rotary blender is used to thoroughly mix it into the product. A high-pressure switch is supplied within the system as a safety feature. All contact parts are manufactured in stainless steel and unit is completely self-contained. 

Oakes Pre-Mixer

Dry and liquid ingredients are fed either automatically or manually into the mixing bowl where they are mixed to give a slurry ready for further processing. Specially designed blades complete the mixing time in 30-90 seconds – according to recipe – with the minimum inclusion of air. This results in a uniform slurry ready for pumping to a Hold Tank prior to feeding into a Continuous Mixer

Features include:
• Totally constructed from stainless steel.
• Variable size drive motors to suit customer requirements.
• Flush fitting dump valve to ensure complete mixing of all ingredients.

Force Feed Tank

This unit allows high viscosity products, such as butter creams, to be fed continuously without cavitation to the inlet of pressure fed manifold depositor.

The unit consists of a cylindrical vessel (normally jacketed) with a specially designed impeller and scraper to feed the product into an auger which is inside the vessel and then to a product pump.

A feature of this unit is the scraper which continually cleans the sides of the tank.

All contact parts are stainless steel – All drives are variable speed.

Colour/Acid Injector

Usually employed in conjunction with either a Continuous Mixer or Jam Pumping System, it is used to accurately meter and blend colour/flavour or acid into the base product.

Typical applications are the production of two or more colours of marshmallow from one base syrup or different colours and flavours from a base batter mix. The acid injection into jam is used for rapid gel setting.

All product contact parts are manufactured in stainless steel.